The social network for people going through the coming out process.
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It´s completely free & anonymous

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Our Mission

We are a U.S. based social initiative providing a free & anonymous social network for people 13+
going through the coming out process. By developing technology, coordinating LGBTQA (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/questioning/ally) competency trainings, and connecting users from the network to their local communities, we are working to eliminate the burden of coming out.

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We welcome you to sign-up to volunteer online to talk to others about your experience or you could even start your own JLY college/community chapter!

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  • April 15th, 2014 Meet the JLY Team

    Now that the network has launched we would love to introduce you to a few of the people that made ... Read More



username: swhitea1 months with justlikeyou: 5 months

As a collegiate athlete it is very stressful trying to balance early practices and an irregular class schedule, while trying to maintain a strong GPA. Being a closeted collegiate athlete adds even more stress with tons of questions running through your head: “What will happen if my teammates find out my secret? If I tell them, will it affect how our team plays on the field?” For years these questions haunted me everyday, altering who I was. I was no longer the happy, energetic person many people knew me to be. I knew that in order to be myself I had to tell my team, but I was worried that sharing my secret would ruin everything. Hearing my teammates say things like: “God, quit being so gay” or “What’s up f*ggots?” made me perceive my team as homophobic and intolerable. Finally, I decided to tell them, and was quickly proven wrong. My team immediately showed me their support. The experience tightened our relationships, bringing us all closer as a team and as friends. If you feel that my story relates to you, reach out to me! See Full Profile

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"It wasn't until I became a online volunteer that I really discovered how much I can help others who are experiencing emotions I went through when I was coming out. It has been a pleasure joining a community that values who you are and not what you look like."  

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